Providing safety, shelter and dignity to farm animals in need and educating our community through experience

Florida Rescue Farm

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Shelter and Hope for Farm Animals

We provide a home, a safe shelter, for unwanted farm animals. We also provide a compassionate environment where the animals are respected and can live a life free of fear.

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Education Through Experience

A large part of changing people’s attitude towards farm animals lies in education through interaction. Very few have had the opportunity to connect with the animals they find on their dinner plates.

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  • Angie Rhinier
    In a perfect world all farm animals would live like this. They are wonderful and I cannot thank them enough for taking in the young rooster I found in a parking lot. Now he will grow up safe, happy and loved!
    Angie Rhinier
  • Stephanie McCumber Harter
    This is heaven and the operators of this loving homestead are angels.
    Stephanie McCumber Harter
  •  Mitchell Talana
    Had an amazing experience at the Florida Rescue Farm Sanctuary with Kelly and Glen. What they are doing there is incredible, and the world needs more people like them. They are two of the nicest, genuine, and most hospitable people around. They have so much knowledge and fun stories to share about the animals and what it really takes to care for them. You know the animals have a good home there. If you are in the area and have the chance, I highly recommend reaching out to them for a visit to see the good they are doing, volunteer and donate if you can, and gain some real life lessons to help raise awareness.
    Mitchell Talana
  • Lisa McGrattan
    This is an amazing place with wonderful people! They showed us around and told us each animals rescue story. I can’t wait to visit again very soon! The owners have big kind hearts!
    Lisa McGrattan
  • Georgia Calimeres
    Glenn and Kelly are beautiful souls who have the most compassionate hearts. They are so welcoming and treat visitors like family. Florida Rescue Farm is a unique and quirky little sanctuary and I'd highly recommend visiting!
    Georgia Calimeres
  • grannycasio
    Took a tour. What fortunate animals to be rescued and placed here! The animals are all loved and well taken care of. Each one is named! Beautiful sanctuary. God bless!
  • Holly Forrester
    Beautiful sanctuary where all the animals are loved and well cared for.
    Holly Forrester
  • Mitch Hanback
    Highly recommend! Great people running a great farm. Love their passion. Take the kids out for visit and show your support! Every dollar helps this wonderful non-profit.
    Mitch Hanback
  • Suzanne Matthews
    The absolute best and happiest place in the world.....wish I lived there to be surrounded by all these wonderful animals following me around all day......they are so well cared for and happy and content...and free of any fear....I am a vegan...for fifty years........I love and respect ALL life........that includes every animal that walks this earth.
    Suzanne Matthews
  • Judy M. Caruso
    Enjoyed our visit so very much. Thank you for giving us your precious time to share the Farm with us. The gang is all so precious and the compassion you and Glen share for each and every animal is so evident! All your hard work really shows! We will be back with our Grandchildren for sure! Keep up the excellent work! Blessings on you all!
    Judy M. Caruso
  • Kat Amor
    Thanks for all you do for these beautiful, vulnerable animals.
    Kat Amor
  • Rachael Moya
    Thank you giving Margaret a place to live and be a part of a flock. You guys are amazing!
    Rachael Moya

We are able to help these animals because of caring people like you who give a litte to help many

How you can help

Meet the residents

Visitors and Volunteers

We love to have people visit the farm and we give private tours on Saturdays and Sundays. Tours start at 9:30 and usually take 1-2 hours. We are not like a traditional petting zoo type experience. Most of our animals free-range during the day so you may be approached by a cow or goat looking for a scratch behind the ears! Much of the experience is observing and interacting with the animals in their natural environment.

We recommend volunteers visit first so they can meet the animals and see our process. There's always lots to do and we truly value our volunteers.

We are closed to visitors during the summer but we start giving tours again in October. You can set up your tour date/time via email at and you are also very welcome to call us at 941-209-9558 to chat about the sanctuary and set up a time to visit.

Please read our Visitor / Volunteer Disclaimer.