Our Mission

We provide a home, a safe shelter, for unwanted farm animals. We also provide a compassionate environment where the animals are respected and can live a life free of fear. We adopt animals that have been surrendered by their owners or animals that have been abandoned and are found by concerned individuals or by other animal rescue organizations. To assist in sustainability we also rehome some of these animals to carefully screened families.

The animals that have come to live here and the animals we have rehomed are living vibrant healthy lives. They are secure and unafraid. This is great for the animal, great for the person who was unable to keep their pet and through farm tours these animals teach people to respect livestock as you would any other living creature.

We offer sanctuary to chickens, ducks, geese, goats, cattle and other livestock. Although we would love to take in all the creatures that need us space is limited. If you have questions about raising livestock, building animal enclosures or even what kind of animal will fit your lifestyle please contact us via email info@floridarescuefarm.org or call (941)209-9558 we’re happy to help.

An interview with Florida Rescue Farm