Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorships help provide feed, shelter, and veterinary care for the wonderful animals that live at Florida Rescue Farm and support our mission to provide safety, shelter, and dignity for farm animals in need.

We offer the opportunity to sponsor any of the animals on the farm. When you sponsor an animal at Florida Rescue Farm we will send you a Certificate of Sponsorship and a letter introducing your animal. We will then continue to send periodic updates about your new pal and you are always welcome to schedule a time to visit. If you have any questions or would like to know more about the animals available for sponsorship please email info@floridarescuefarm.org or call (941)209-9558

The Bovines

Goats & Sheep

The Tornado Goats

Several years ago a tornado touched down near our farm. It destroyed our neighbors home and tragically, they perished as well, however their three goats were unharmed. The two females were pregnant and despite the stress of the tornado they delivered three healthy baby goats. Fred is the father (who was neutered as soon as he got here ;), Wilma and Butters are the moms. Their children are Kade May, Jo Jo & Domino.

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Goats available for sponsorship
Fred with his daughters, Jo Jo and Domino
Kade May & her mom, Butters

And yet, more goats...

Thunder and Lightning: These little guys are two of the sweetest goats I have ever met. If you lean down to Thunder he will give you a little goat kiss. His brother, Lightning, is not afraid of people, but he doesn't like to be petted, he's more of a loner. Their previous owner was actually sponsoring one of our goats (Jelly), she was an older person and she had a bad fall resulting in her hospitalization and ultimately her death. Her family was able to rehome all her animals, but not her goats. Then they saw her sponsorship certificate framed on the wall and they called us. We were so thankful that we had a chance to give back to her and we immediately adopted Thunder and Lightning and since then they have become such a presence on the farm. These are two really awesome souls.

Billy: Billy is a pip! He was an only goat for the first 2 years of his life! His humans loved him and took very good care of him, but they realized he needed a herd. Billy also is the only goat we have who will head-butt people he doesn't know. He doesn't do it with malice, he thinks he's playing, so often when we have visitors or tours I walk him on a leash.

Tupelo: Tupelo is a wool sheep. The local sheriff was called because she was roaming the streets, and when no one claimed her they didn't want to send her to auction so they called us. She has so much personality! She can be shy, but if you bring some apples or treats she is all over you. She's a great soul.

Kevin: Kevin is a new resident on the farm. He also was raised alone and when his humans were forced to move they could not find a place where they could take Kevin with them. He is just a nice guy and he and Billy and hit off immediately and are great friends. They both have beautiful eyes :) Kevin loves to be petted and is very fond of cabbage leaves.

Pee Wee: Pee Wee is a hair sheep. His humans saw him tied up to tree with no water and he was just a lamb. They bought him from the owner and took him home to their townhouse where he lived on the lanai for 6 months. As he got older he was breaking out of the lanai and they realized he needed a farm. When he came here, at 8 months old they were still bottle feeding him water and he had never been around other animals. He was so cute, he was trying to fit in with the goats and was so awkward. One day he was walking across the field in front of all the goats and he stumbled a little and I swear you could tell he was embarrassed (haven't we all been there!) He has been here now for over 4 years and has many friends and is a pillar of the herd. He is very friendly and often follows us around when we have tours. He does have chronic eczema so his eye area loses a little hair during the summer. We actually just built a solar-powered, air-conditioned enclosure for him and his friends to help relieve his eczema.

Alfred: Alfred is the oldest goat on the farm. He and his mom, Ginger came to the farm after their humans suffered a debilitating car accident and could no longer care for them. As you can imagine, his mom was very old and she passed away last year. The really cool thing is that Fred (mentioned above) really took care of Alfred. They are best buds now. Alfred is our largest goat and definitely one of the sweetest. He has a penchant for Cheerios.

FAQs about our sponsorship program

Choosing the animal you want to sponsor: We offer sponsorships for individual animals or the sponsorship can go to a herd or flock of the animal you choose. We list many of our beloved residents on this page, but fee free to contact us as at info@floridarescuefarm.org as everyone is not necessarily listed.

Can animals have multiple sponsors? Yes. Sponsorship donations are technically symbolic as the funds go towards to feeding, vet care, and medications for all of the animals, and are not marked for that specific animal (It’s hard to tell the chickens not to share their grain :)

Losing a sponsored friend: We do have many older residents, and some that have irreversible health issues, so occasionally someone’s sponsored friend passes away. We will notify you as soon as possible and give you the opportunity to transfer your sponsorship to another animal.